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01.01.2016 COMING SOON

12.30.2014 Member Change
Drummer Jay Barnes has left Q to pursue other interests and we wish him the best of luck. Our long time friend and former fill in Matt 9 has joined as the new drummer. Come to Max Cap on the 21st and buy him a beer for his birthday. Like the other members of Q, Matt is a raging alcoholic :)

12.02.2011 New Single "One Degree" Released
Huge thanks to Jim Fogarty/Zing Studios in Westfield, MA and Joe O'Brien/RatPak Records for all the efforts in recording, launching and promoting the new track!

"One Degree" was released today on Amazon and iTunes. All proceeds are donated to a close friend to help her in her fight against cancer.
One Degree by Q on Amazon
One Degree by Q on iTunes


09.20.2011 New Single on the way

After a summer of several live events, including a long-overdue return to New Hampshire, Q is once again back in Zing Studios in Westfield, MA! (Underoath, Killswitch, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, The Devil Wears Prada, etc.) The as-yet-untitled new song is being engineered and produced by longtime co-conspirator, Jim Fogarty and should be hitting iTunes and Amazon soon. The procedes are being donated to a good cause so keep checking back here as more details are finalized!

12.08.2010 Q for the holidays

Happy Holidays from Q! This Saturday, after you've shopped yourself silly at the friggin' mall, some and drink your cares (and your savings) away with us at Maximum Capacity, also with Children of the Korn and TBA!

We'll also be celebrating the birthday of a close friend of ours, Josh Enemy of Negative Creep!

Also, to help you save a little more green, you can download these $1 off coupons! It will help you save a buck to use at the bar!....I mean, your christmas shopping!

06.09.2009 Torn video released!

A few months of silence from Q doesn't necessarily mean nothing's goin on. We've been hard at work, hammering out some new material in Missy's basement with some assistance by lots of beer and Jagermeister (some of those tracks you may have heard if you've been at one or more of our more recent shows), and also working with Tony Colapietro and hits crew from Stonegate Studios of Wilbraham, MA.

On that subject...

The day started early (8AM on a Saturday - these guys are nuts!!!) and ended late, and to be honest, Stonegate's crew's boundless enthusiasm and energy throughout the day was contageous, and kept all of us going, through take after take, and not to mention moving, literally, a good 1 - 2 tons of equipment up and then, back down flights of stairs.

So, a HUGE vote of thanks goes ou to Tony Colapietro (director, editor, and shooter), Jim Purchase (producer, grip, and lighting), Atom Marotte (producer, grip, and lighting), and Jeff Colapietro (still photography and grip) for their time, imagination, and positive attitude. Another big debt of gratitude goes out to Dan, who granted his permission for us to use his property in Easthampton, MA to film. Thanks to you all!

Soon, we'll have a link to the finished video up for you guys to download, and you'll see why we're so hyped up on these guys' work!

03.09.2009 Waiting for spring

We hope your holidays were safe and happy ones, with much Jager involved, but now it's time to look forward to spring, warmer weather, and Q getting restless again, and preparing to hit you with new material, a cover or two, and a familiar face you may have seen on our stage before. Curious as to who it is? Well, you can find out at any of our spring shows, here. Including:

Electrocution Flyer

12.13.2008 ...and winter begins

We regretfully have to announce that, due to the havoc that this past Thursday's storm wreaked on and around the Berkshires, we were forced to reschedule our December 12th show at Flavours in Lenox. Based on the number of power and road outages that were still yet to be resolved in the area, we decided that proceeding with the show would not be a good idea. We will be rescheduling this show, however, so, keep checking back here and on our MySpace page for the new date!

06.09.2009 07/06/08 - Q in FYE stores across the northeast!

We hope your 4th of July Weekend was a safe and kickass one, but we've got a few fireworks of our own for you, now. Word just came through from Rat Pak Records that "Seven7een" has just been placed in FYE stores across the northeast! Now, if you don't feel like waiting to have a copy shipped to you, you can just go to your local FYE store and pick up your own copy! "Which stores", you ask? Just get the locations below:


City Address Phone
Auburn 550 Center Street 207-782-0165
South Portland 364 Maine Mall 207-773-6721


City Address Phone
Acton 425 Great Road 978-635-9401
Auburn 385 Southbridge Street 508-832-7126
Boston 188 Border Street 617-561-6669
Boston 411 Wasthington Street 617-482-5257
Braintree 250 Granite Street 781-848-9423
Brockton 200 Westgate Drive 508-580-1630
Dedham 701 Providence Highway 781-461-8353
Everett 23 Mystic View Road 617-389-0389
Greenfield 238 Main Street 413-773-3600
Hanover 1775 Washington Street 781-826-3999
Holyoke 50 Holyoke Street 413-538-9373
Leominster 100 Commercial Road, Unit 23 978-537-2203
Millbury 70 Worcester Providence Turnpike, Suite 505 508-865-5099
North Attleboro 999 South Washington Street 508-643-0059
North Dartmouth 115 North Dartmouth Mall 508-997-7375
Raynham 300 Route 44 508-880-4992
Seekonk 1201 Fall River Ave 508-336-3570
South Attleboro 1220 Newport Avenue


South Dennis 516 Route 134 508-394-2286
Springfield 1655 Boston Road, Unit E12 413-543-2030
Stoneham 115 Main Street 781-438-6420
Swansea 262 Swansea Mall Drive, Suite 2012 508-673-2616
Taunton 2 Galleria Mall, Suite 104 508-880-3500
Watertown 485 Arsenal Street 617-926-6237
Worcestor 68 Stafford Street 508-831-3535

New Hampshire

City Address Phone
Concord 27 Loudon Road, Unit 1256 603-229-6620
Keene 363 Winchester Street 603-358-5522
Nashua 310 Daniel Webster Highway, Suite 266 603-891-2111
Plaistow 5 Plaistow Road 603-382-6908
Salem 99 Rockingham Park Boulevard, Suite W269 603-398-0936


CIty Address Phone
Burlington 49 Church Street, Suite 203 802-658-1375
Rutland 49 Diamond Run Mall 802-775-7849
South Burlington 155 Dorset Street 802-865-2163
South Rutland 302 US Route 7 802-773-3700

Get your copy at these stores today, and demand more copies if they've run out!!!!

04.01.2008 IT'S HERE!!!

Get your copy online throught Rat Pak Records at www.ratpakrecords.com!

While you're at it - make sure you catch us at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA on Friday, April 4th for our local CD release party! Full details on the shows page.

11.12.2007 Radio Silence

It's been kind of quiet around here, mostly due to computer problems. Currently making a few adjustments to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

A couple new shows up on the Shows Page, including one that stretches our schedule out into the New Year.

Also, if you haven't gotten your FREE "Rat Pak Unleashed 3" CD, all we've got to say is, "What the hell are you waiting for???" You get some new, previously unreleased material from Q, along with a ton of material from some of the nation's top independant and national artists. -and it's all for FREE (did I mention it was free?) All you have to do is point your browser over to www.unleashed3.com, which will give you, oh, I don't know, about a hundred different ways to get a copy for your very own. Now, get a move on!

09.19.2007 A *lot* of Updates and NO SHOW CANCELLATIONS!!

Once again, a ton of news coming from the Q front, with a lot of it coming from our allies at Rat Pak Records

Rat Pak Unleashed Vol.3 will be coming out soon, (check out www.unleashed3.com for more details) ! Look for it in October in all retail outlets by early October! That's right-soon, you'll be able to walk into virtually *any* record store in the Northeast and pick up a FREE copy of Rat Pak Unleashed Vol.3 and get your hands on some new (read "previously unreleased") Q tracks!

Also, while you're at www.unleashed3.com, show your support for Q by voting "Reflections" as your favorite track on the comp.

Or- Don't feel like leaving your home to pick up the CD just yet? Well, just tune into the Big Rock Show, and demand that they hook you up with some new Q! After that, if that still doesn't get you off your ass, simply send up an e-mail to freecd@ratpakamerica.com, and have one shipped out to your lazy ass!

Now, on to some exclusively Q news...

Our long-overdue return to Lowell went great! Big thanks going out to those who made it out to catch the music, Cosmic Killjoy and Cherry S/T, as well as the staff up at Club DTS for making the night a big success!

As for upcoming gigs, we'll be in Rhode Island for the first time in a while, as well as a local-area show in West Springfield, MA, and another show in Chicopee, as well as Biddeford, ME further down the road in October. Check out the "Shows" page for details.

On the EP front, the artwork is being finalized, and will hopefully be sent up for pressing soon, barring unexpected delays. Thanks for your patience- we know you've been waiting, and we do want to get it done, out of the box, and into your hands, but we want you to get the best CD we can give you. Keep an ear out for it, and check back here for all the latest news!


08.06.2007 A *lot* of Updates and a show cancellation

So, the summer chugs along at full throttle

Unfortunately, the August 11th show at Auburn Pitts will not be happening in any sense, due to the promoter deciding not to hold the show. While it is regrettable, we choose not to dwell on things that are not happening; rather, we look forward to things that are happening (in other words, there's a TON of shit for you to know):

First off, let us call your attention to Joe O'Brien and the Rat Pak Records crew, who I'm sure you've heard us mention at one time or another, but, honestly, I don't think most people understand the volume of time and work that they put into their bands. Like what, you say? Well for starters, for you iPod freaks, he's got us up in iTunes. And, if you're not one of the Mac-loyal masses, you can always get our tracks on Rhapsody. And, if you want to check them out before you buy them (and catch a music and interviews by a ton of other independant and heavyweight metal artists, the man himself, Joe hosts The Big Rock Show every Tuesday from 10AM to Noon, EST. So, here's to, RPR: thanks, and keep on kicking ass!

Also- you didn't think we'd let you get away without letting you know about our next show, did you? The beginning of September will see us in Chicopee, Massachusetts, while the end of September will have us in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and beginning of October will have us back in Chicopee again. The shows page has all the details!

Also, more details on Q's long-awaited follow up to their widely-acclaimed debut CD - it will be coming SOON! "How soon?", you ask? Think "August" soon! Be sure to check back here soon as more details become available!

06.19.2007 Updates and a show cancellation

Hey Q fans and Jager addicts!

We hope this message finds you ready for summer and ready for Q, because both are ready to bust out all over the Northeast!

Unfortunately, though, we do regret to say that, due to the club closing, Q will not be playing at Pub 30 Something in Tyngsboro on August 17th. We sincerely thank those who attended the shows we played there over the past several months, and hope to see you all at other Q shows that will be happening in that area.

As for this weekend, Q will be hitting Maximum Capacity on Memorial Drive in Chicopee, MA for a rare hometown appearance with Negative Creep and In Dreams We Die. The Jager will be flowing more than usual, thanks to Max Cap's $2 Jager Shooter deal they'll be having all night!

05.05.2007 A few notes and a show cancellation

Thanks to all who came out for Rat Pak's Cinco de Mayo bash! Granted, Jagermeister may not be the most South-of-the-borderish liquor of choice, but, hell, by the fifth or sixth shot of the night, I really didn't notice!

Be sure to come out tomorrow (Sunday, the 6th) to hang with us at Pub 30-Something in Tyngsboro, MA for an all-day fest (Q will be going on *extra* early (think "2PM early"), so you can get your drink and music on in the afternoon, and prepare for getting your drink and music on for the evening.

And, in other, regrettable news, due to changes in ownership (and all the details that come with changes in ownership), there will be no show at The Steppin' Out Lounge in Manchester, NH on May 20th. It's unfortunate, but, hopefully we'll be able to return there, once the buying process is completed.

Thanks, as always, and we'll see you up in Tyngsboro!

04.29.2007 A big thanks and Cinco de Mayo plans

Great gig at Finn MacCool's last night - thanks to everyone who joined us in the alcoholic musical festivities!! Now, as an added bonus for you, we're going to let you know where you're going to be for Cinco de Mayo weekend:

You can thank us later - for now, drink Jager with us, catch us and the other bands on the 4th, and cause chaos!!!

04.04.2007 Show Cancellation

Due to venue problems with securing a liquor license, the April 7th show at Rox's The Rock Place in Oxford has been cancelled. We apologize to everyone who had planned to attend, and invite you to catch our next gig at The Steppin' Out Lounge in Manchester, NH on Friday, April 13th.

03.26.2007 The shows just keep coming!

Not ready to wait for summer, the Q booking machine has been sending us all over the Northeastern US, from New York to New Hampshire. New shows booked for mid-spring will bring us to Tyngsboro, MA (including a show with ex-Misfit Michale Graves, and The Clay People), a big charity show in Manchester, NH, and a local blowout in Westfield, MA. E-Mail us if you want to have Q play your event, and we'll see what we can work out!

02.25.2007 Have Missy B host your next jewelry party in your home!!

To further attempt to integrate your favorite singer and mine into society as an upstanding and productive contributor, Missy B is now hosting jewelry parties by Lia Sofia. With a wide range of styles, prices, and metals, there's sure to be something you (or your girlfriend) would like. For more details, or to organize a party, please check out her page at www.liasophia.com/melissab (and, no, she won't show up in full Q stage regalia, unless you really want her to).

02.08.2007 Show Cancellation

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Q will not be performing at KC's tap on this Friday, February 9th. We apologize to all our friends out there who were looking forward to the gig (as we were, too!), and hope you guys will join us when we return to Pawtucket, or at another one of our upcoming shows.

Speaking of upcoming shows, we'll be taking out our frustration over this cancellation on Saturday, March 10th at Finn MacCool's in Westfield, MA - be sure to show up and take in the chaos! Details on that, and other recently booked shows through May, have been added to the shows page

01.30.2007 Without internet access, but definltely not idle!

So, Happy New Year, y'all! Sorry about the silence from the Q camp, but, when the webmaster moves, and goes through hell trying to get his internet connection set up (You suck, Verizon!), that can happen.

Either way, a big thanks goes out to the people and staff at Odin's Taven down in Long Island- thanks for making us feel as welcome as we were, and taking down Jager shots with us! Hell, everything went so well, Mistress Crow, Joker, and we agreed we should do it again - so we will! Look for us to return to Odin's Tavern on Friday, March 23rd. That, and a whole slew of shows have been added to the shows page - so, go check them out!

Until then, check us out at the next gig at Club Kat's in Pawtucket, RI, on Friday, Feb 9th!

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